Two SFI Activists Hacked By Youth Congress Workers

Two SFI activists were hacked in a brutal attack at M G University campus, Kottayam, allegedly by a three-member gang hired by Youth Congress on Friday. The attack came as a altercation to the seminar at K E College, Kottayam.

The college day celebrations of Kuriakose Elias College had been disrupted as planned by the group led by Youth Congress leader  Jim Alex. On the account of outsiders entering the campus, a fight broke out between the SFI activists of the college and the youth congress activists who entered the campus. An SFI activist was injured in this incident. Jim Alex had claimed injuries from the incident and admitted himself in a hospital, triggering a march by Youth congress activists to mg university campus. 

In retaliation to a skirmish between SFI activists and Youth Congress (YC) activists on Friday morning, Leaders of youth congress along with local goons – Arun Gopan, Sibi, Shine and their gangs had been searching the campus to attack the SFI activists of the campus. Youth Congress hired goons then stabbed  Sachu sadanandan, Students Union General secretary of MG University campus and SFI  Kottayam district President Arun with country swords. Both were hospitalized at Kottayam medical college.


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