Members of the Hindu Jagarane Vedike Murders Colleague

Members of the Hindu Jagarane Vedike of Mangalore, Karnataka, murders one of them, as an act of revenge for passing onto the police, information of a theft committed by workers of the same organization recently. The incident seems to have taken place on Sunday (19th February) early morning at Muroli Nidel when Pratap (25), an active member of the group was killed while Manikantan, their other colleague, was severely injured.

The culprits seem to have been a gang of 10, led by one of the Vedike leaders Mithun, who had been released from prison only a few days prior to this incident. Six others, namely, Vinesh, Kowshi, Nishu have been arrested too. Murdered Pratap’s friend Manikantan, who was with him during the attack, seems to have been the gang’s main aim, speculates the police.

The Vedike members had reportedly stolen some cash & other belongings of a few Yakshagana artists who had recently performed at the Katteel temple. The theft was allegedly committed by a group led by the same Mithun. This was the information that was passed onto the police by Manikantan.

The act of personal vendetta which turned out to kill the wrong person, Pratap, was all based on this issue. There have been similar cases of Sangh Parivar workers being killed by their colleagues in Karnataka before as well, as seen in the cases of Praveen Poojari (Uduppi) & Vinayak Baliga (Mangalore).


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