“A Bus To Pakistan”; A DYFI Bus From Kozhikode That Ply To Pakistan

dyfiThis bus plys to Pakistan. The RSS sevaks inside the bus gets down and asks all the beef eaters as well as those who dissent to get into the bus. The entry door even has pictures of Film Director Kamal and Bollywood Actor Sharukh Khan. As the onlookers watched bemusedly, the suspense soon came to a halt. All this was part of a street play by Democratic Youth Federation Of India (DYFI).

This diverse mode of protest took place at Mukkam in Kozhikode district. DYFI vehemently declared that they will resist this propaganda unleashed by the Sangh. The play came to an end with the Swayam Sevaks boarding the “bus to Pakistan”. The play was successfully able to convey the strong message inculcated in the play.

The play was inaugurated by CPIM Thiruvambady Area Secretary T. Viswanathan. DYFI State committee member V. Waseef, CPIM Mukkam South Local Secretary Unnikrishnan Master, Block President Deepu Premnath, Area Secretary Jafar Shereef, Saji Kuttipaala, Norman spoke thereafter. The street play was executed by Renilraj, Ajay Franci, Lijindas and Manu Thoongapuram.


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