“Love Jihad Help Desk” – Secret chats leaked! ; BJP Enters Controversy

Chat messages from a secret sangh group called “Love Jihad Help Desk” were leaked online from a secret Facebook chat group two days back. RSS-BJP in Kerala is now facing a major embarrassment and has entered controversy. The chat group was exposed after the accident addition of two users outside the Sangh network. Screenshots of conversations in the chat group has gone viral in social media. The group has everyone from State BJP President Kummanam Rajasekharan to channel studio sanghi Rahul Easwar, “independent” dalit activist Dhanya Raman, Kerala BJP IT cell guy Jothish, Lekshmi Kanath and even musician Njeralath Harigovindan, who has even took part in a meet against fascism last year.


The secret group, from the conversations, has been formed to alert about “love jihad incidents” (read – inter-religious marriages) happening in kerala and to take steps to prevent it. One message in the group posted on January 8, for instance, says – “Two Muslim youths have started their journey with two beautiful Hindu girls from Thalassery to Bangalore in the 9.30 p.m. bus. There were a group of bearded men to see them off. On seeing us Swayamsevaks with rakhis on our wrist, they quickly left the area” The details of the bus, including number, colour and travels name is also shared, asking the Swayamsevaks in bangalore to “take action”.

The chats also reveal infighting between the various sangh activists. One Mr.Jayakanthan is criticised for his facebook posts criticising Modi for his favours to corporates like Ambani and Adani. They also discuss about “moles” in the group and on the need for an even more secretive group for confidential discussions. The group held for Love Jihad propaganda also include discussion on an online campaign to create a propaganda that the sanghis are being hounded by the left in Kerala.

more screen shots:


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