Argentine Metal Workers Protest Job Cut

Members of the Argentine Metal Workers’ Union, UOM, marched to the Ministry of Labor in Buenos Aires, Tuesday in protest of thousands of jobs cut from electronics manufacturing companies following a government decision to eliminate a 35 percent tax on computer imports.

Protesters gathered in front of the National Congress of Argentina before marching to the offices of the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security with many banging drums and waving flags. Other unions including the Union of Argentine Teachers (UDA) also participated in the demonstration.

The government has defended the intention of the initiative to lower prices for consumers. However, the measure adversely affects those working on assembly lines.

“Last year, we had 9,000 colleagues who were unemployed and 15,000 colleagues who are suspended and we do not know what can happen to those colleagues now when they have to reintegrate into their jobs in March, if they are going to have work or if they are not going to have a job,” said Antonio Calo, Secretary General of the Metallurgical Workers Union.



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