Farmer Suicide : CPI(M)’s Road Blockade In Tamilnadu; 60,000 Cadre Arrested

Communist Party of India (Marxist) hold a road blockade agitation across Tamil Nadu demanding compensation for farmers whose crops were damaged due to drought. Including the party leaders and cadre over 60,000 people were arrested.

Both the central and the state governments have set their face against the demands of farmers. The farmers have abandoned second crop cultivation for the past five years and they have hardly yielded anything from primary crop cultivation this year. 200 farmers have died across the state of Tamilnadu.

The complete damage of crops has pushed the farmers into despair which eventually led to heart attack and committing suicide.

The blockade was staged announcing certain demands including the provision of Rs 10 lakh each to the familes of farmers who had committed suicide, financial assistance of Rs 10000 to farmers,  supporting the farmers by giving enough compensation for the crop loss in the districts of Tanjavoor, Tiruvaroor, Nagapattam which are known as the rice bowl of Tamilnadu, resolution of the draught issues in the state and  implemention of MNREGA in all the cities.

G. Ramakrishnan, CPIM Tamilnadu state secratary congratulated all those who had taken part in the strike.


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