Honduras The Most Dangerous Place For Environmental Activists

Global Witness an anti-corruption group reported on the violent crackdown against scores of environmental activists at Honduras, one of the most poorest country in Latin America. The watchdog has alleged involvement of political and business elites of Honduras on the same. More than 120 Honduran activists have been killed since 2010 while trying to protect their rivers, forests or land. Making Honduras the most dangerous place for environmental activists. Mining, agribusiness and hydroelectric projects on rural communities has witnessed heavy resistance from indigenous population suppressed by the repressive apparatus of state.

Agua Zarca dam, a hydroelectric project achieved notoriety after the 2016 killing of Berta Caceres, an internationally renowned environmentalist who was fighting against it. Connections to Honduran army was established related to the murder after three of the men were charged on it. Baldenegro, a leader of the indigenous Tarahumara people was shot this January, after campaigning against a powerful alliance of drug gangs , loggers and local political leaders. According to Global Witness, the situation remains chaotic for environmental activists.






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